Jason and his wife had been having the age old argument over the thermostat.  Jason recently decided to see if his wife was right about his need to keep a cool house in the summer.  With the recent 90 degree days he was holding the thermostat at a cool 71 degrees and their energy bill was taking a big bite out of their budget. His wife claimed that they were paying to freeze and that they should change the setting to 74 degrees.

They agreed to try an experiment using the DTE Insight app’s budget feature.  They spent a few extreme hot weather days with the thermostat at 71 degrees and a few at 74 degrees.  Just moving the temperature up by 3 degrees saved them $1.50 per day in electricity usage.  That means a month of moving the thermostat up would save over $30 on their energy  bill.  Jason admitted his wife was right and agreed to move the temperature up on the thermostat.  And what did they do with the savings?  It went towards a date night dinner!