10 percent of the electricity generated by DTE Energy comes from renewable sources like solar and wind. While that might seem like enough for some, other customers want to do more to lower their carbon footprint.

Enter MIGreenPower. When it launches in April 2017, it will allow people to voluntarily subscribe to purchase more of their electricity from local wind and solar power resources. The cost is minimal, for the average household; enrolling to purchase 25 percent of their energy through MIGreenPower will cost less than $5 per month.

On a recent interview with Guy Gordon on WJR, director of Renewable Energy for DTE, Dave Harwood noted that the program is open for all DTE residential, industrial, and commercial customers. For all of these customers, it is a way to make your energy use greener without dramatic upfront costs.

To listen to Harwood’s full conversation with Guy Gordon, listen here: