It will be a while before winter releases its grip on our state. Knowing this, DTE Energy took extra steps last year to ensure Michigan homes and businesses stay warm. They added two new turbine compressor engines at their Belle River Mills Compress Station. The move boosts total horsepower at the facility to 57,000. That’s equivalent to 131 V-8 Mustang GT sports cars helping to move natural gas through their pipeline system to maintain safe and reliable delivery of energy to you.

DTE Gas employees also moved into an updated Gas Control Room. In this facility, they can monitor more than 4,000 points along the company’s natural gas pipeline system 24/7. The room is equipped with computers and telemetry equipment connected to sensors along the pipeline that detect changes in pressure that might indicate a concern.

In 2016, the company replaced 100 miles of natural gas main with advanced plastic material as part of a five-year program to modernize infrastructure. The program also includes updating service lines and installing the latest gas meter technology. This year, they plan to replace 140 miles of main.

They also do a lot more to ensure safe and reliable delivery of gas, including:
• Annually conduct more than 300,000 gas meter safety inspections
• Survey nearly 10,000 miles of pipeline annually
• Perform routine safety inspections inside some pipeline sections, using a sophisticated electronic device sent through pipelines to verify structural integrity

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