It may come as no surprise to you that anxiety, depression, and mood disorders are part of the top five national health conditions impacting the United States. We seem to always pile things on to our to-dos lists or work ourselves silly without taking the time for our health. The rainy season blues only seem to amplify those feelings.

Not taking the time out to address stress symptoms can lead a list of health problems including mental health issues, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and cause you to pick up bad habits or addictions. Stress adds so much more pressure to your life than the thing you’re actually stressing about does. Knowing ways to combat stress can keep you on top of the game.

  • Take your diet into consideration: Are you eating unhealthy foods or not eating enough during the day? This can contribute to weight gain which can increase levels of stress. There are even some foods that can relieve stress such as green leafy vegetables, oatmeal, salmon, and blueberries.
  • Get a goodnight’s rest: Not getting enough sleep causes stress and being stressed leads to less sleep. End the vicious cycle by making a point to get seven to eight hours of sleep per night. Leave distractions out of your bedroom and turn the TV off when trying to fall asleep. Set your phone to emit warm light after sunset.
  • Don’t fret the sweat: A great way to reduce stress is by working out. Surprisingly enough when you exercise you are legitimately reducing fatigue, improving alertness, and increasing overall cognitive function.
  • Get time on your side: Being realistic about how much time something will take you or understanding what is a priority can reduce stress levels. Map out a schedule that works for you to highlight what needs to get done to avoid procrastination and an overwhelmed feeling.
  • Treat yo’ self: You won’t be able to take care of business if you don’t take care of yourself. Block out some time for your favorite hobby, reading a book, or using aromatherapy. Whatever works for you, just do it.

Keep your stress levels in check with these tips and make yourself a priority. You don’t want to be stressed about how stressed you are!

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