March is here, which means your annual spring cleaning projects are around the corner. Now is the perfect time to make sure your business is operating as energy efficient as possible. Here is a spring cleaning checklist to energy savings.

Clean your air vents.

Air ducts and vents accumulate dust and grime while they’re pumping out hot air during the winter months. Remove the vents and wipe them clean with a mixture of warm water and soap. While they’re drying, examine your air filters to see if they need to be replaced. Clean air filters help improve the air quality and ensure that your business’s heating and cooling systems are running as efficiently as possible.  

Remove dust from unexpected surfaces.

While beautiful, our window treatments can collect layers of dust over the winter. Clean your treatments, or you may even take this opportunity to refresh with new treatments. Remove as much dust as possible to prevent build-up on ceiling fans and air vents.

Scrub in the in-betweens. When we clean, we tend to give certain areas of our business more attention than others. Areas like restrooms and breakrooms might receive a daily or weekly wipe down, but other surfaces like storage areas may get overlooked. Give these neglected areas a deep clean this spring. Cleaning the dirt and debris from these areas will ensure a tight seal when they’re closed, helping to prevent the cool air from escaping during the hot summer months.

Wipe down light fixtures.

Dusty light bulbs and light covers prevent light from getting through, making them less energy efficient. To prevent this problem, add wiping-down light bulbs and coverings to your spring cleaning list. Swap out older light bulbs for more energy efficient models – light-emitting diode bulbs can improve your lighting efficiency.

DTE Energy is committed to supporting businesses, and we want to help lower your energy bill!

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