As the colder months approach and we transition into fall, the excitement of holidays from Halloween to the New Year fill our minds and calendars. While you are dressing up, decorating your home, cooking meals and enjoying each other’s company, the last thing you want to think about is your energy bill. SmartCurrents can help! Start the season off with a free smart thermostat and energy savings.

The SmartCurrents program provides customers with a free, Wi-Fi, smart thermostat and sets you on DTE’s Dynamic Peak Pricing (DPP) electric rate to help you increase the comfort in your home, while reducing your energy bill.

DPP features lower electric rate prices on nights, weekends, and holidays. That’s three extra days this year to celebrate and save without compromising your comfort.

Enroll in SmartCurrents and receive your free thermostat today! Visit dteenergy.com/smartcurrents or call 1.888.871.0348.