Where would we be without moms? They care for us, teach us valuable life lessons and don’t forget they brought us into the world! That’s why a special day is set aside for them every year. This Mother’s Day, we honor the women who have helped us grow into the people we are today. We’ve listed some fun and simple ways to show moms and special mother figures how much we love and appreciate them this Sunday:


Gift Ideas


  • Bouquet – If you want to take a more traditional route, gifting your mom with a beautiful arrangement of flowers is a great way to make her feel special. Are flowers not her thing? Putting together a fruit bouquet can be a tastier alternative!


  • Make a video/song – Today, making a video is easier than ever. Surprise your mom with a special feature that includes exclusive interviews with close friends and family who can share why she’s special to them. If you’re feeling even more creative, try putting how much you appreciate your mom into a goofy song!


  • DIY gift basket – Does your mom love a specific snack, scented lotion or drink? Instead of purchasing a pre-made gift basket, making one yourself can make this gift thoughtful and unique. Your mom will also appreciate the time and effort that went into seeking out her favorite things.


Acts of Kindness


  • Cook breakfast – If your mom is one to always be on her feet, help her sit down and take a breath by cooking her a tasty breakfast. A beautiful assortment of French toast, fresh fruit and a delicious glass of orange juice could be all you need to make the day a great one.


  • Take her to lunch – Cooking isn’t everyone’s strong suit. That’s why taking your mom out to a nice lunch can also be a fun way to celebrate! Many restaurants, including Beacon Park’s Lumen Detroit, provide Mother’s Day specials so that you and your family can enjoy a wonderful day together.


  • Clean the car – If you know a mom that is continuously lugging around little ones, the chances are that her vehicle could need some tidying up. Putting in the time to clean out her vehicle could be just the pick-me-up that she needs.


  • Take her to the spa – One of the best ways to help a mom celebrate Mother’s Day is to give her the time to relax. A spa is a perfect place for your mom to treat herself and unwind.