At DTE, our Customer Service team is used to helping our customers. They work day and night to answer questions, solve problems and provide assistance when needed. However, their support extends much further than the office. They’re also passionate about getting out in the community and volunteering.

On June 18, the Customer Service leadership team had their 2nd Annual CS Leadership Outreach/Volunteerism day. A day where they prioritize coming together to make a positive impact in our communities.

“Volunteering is extremely important and a priority for our team,” said Angie Pizzuti, vice president, Customer Service at DTE. “We’re all used to getting caught up with work so it’s nice to schedule one day where we can set work aside and do something great for members of our community.”

This year, the team started their day by hosting a mini customer assistance day (CAD) and having lunch with local senior citizens at the historic Little Rock Baptist Church in Detroit. Approximately 30 seniors from various churches and community centers in the area attended to learn more about energy efficiency and sign up for in home energy efficiency evaluations. They were also able to discuss any concerns they may have with their DTE bill with a member of the CS Leadership team.

The seniors were very appreciative of the information they received but were even more grateful for the friendly conversations with the leadership team.

After the CAD and lunch, the CS Leadership team split up for three separate volunteer opportunities at the Life Remodeled Durfee Innovation Center, Oakland Avenue Urban Farm and St. Luke’s Church.

More than 50 employees spent time volunteering doing various beautification and gardening projects in Detroit’s North End neighborhood near DTE’s Caniff Service Center. 

“It was great seeing everyone together and I was amazed by just how much work we completed,” Pizzuti said. “Our job is to serve our customers, but there’s still a little something extra when you’re out in the community and seeing the impact firsthand.”

Leaders were encouraged to follow up the experience by organizing future volunteer opportunities for their smaller teams. It’s often hard for call center employees to step away from answering customer calls, but either way, they know they’re helping others. In and outside of the office.

See more photos from the volunteer day in the gallery below: