As temperatures are high, we immediately look for ways to cool down. For some, it’s a tall, cold glass of water or relief inside of an air conditioned room. For others, there’s nothing better than finding the nearest pool and going for a swim. While swimming can be the ultimate fun during warmer months, it is important to keep safety first. Follow these tips for enjoying swimming safely:

  • Get the basics of water safety. Swimming lessons, CPR and water safety classes provide information that will help you or your family avoid or navigate emergency situations. These courses are commonly offered at your local community center or you can find one near you, here.
  • Swim with a buddy. Not only is it fun to enjoy swimming with friends and family, but having a companion is safe for young people and adults alike. Remember that young children should still be supervised by an adult.
  • Stay in the eyesight of a lifeguard. Even if you or your children are confident swimmers, make sure a lifeguard can see you at all times. They often know which swimming areas to avoid and can quickly get to swimmers in case of an emergency.
  • Purchase official safety equipment. Kids and inexperienced adults should use U.S. Coast Guard-approved flotation devices. Foam toys and air-filled water tubes should not be used as a replacement for safe flotation devices.
  • Create an atmosphere of safety. Backyard pools and eager children can be a recipe for a scary situation. Place a barrier around the pool with a self-closing gate to make sure children cannot easily access the pool.

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