Commitment to improving our customers’ reliability experience is the backbone of how we operate. Since we conducted infrastructure upgrade work in April on a circuit that encompasses parts of Rose and Highland Townships, customers in the region have experienced several power outages and momentary light flickers. This is below DTE’s standards and we’re back to fix it.

Our work will focus on spot tree trimming and adding smart technologies to decrease the number and length of power outages and accelerate restoration time when an outage does occur.

Tree trim work will be conducted in 19 different locations throughout the communities. About two-thirds of all outages are caused by trees that interfere with our power lines. Our spot trimming program targets problem trees so when inclement weather hits, tree branches won’t fall onto the power lines or momentarily touch them, which often causes lights to go out or flicker.

In other areas, equipment upgrades include installing new fuses and reclosers. The fuses isolate problems on the energy grid (also known as “sectionalizing”), reducing how many customers are impacted by a problem. They also allow our crews to more quickly restore power. Reclosers help DTE cut down the length of an outage by automating power restoration once an issue has been resolved.

This work complements the infrastructure upgrades made in the spring and help provide our customers in Rose and Highland Township with peace of mind.