We understand that our customers and members of the communities we serve are concerned about receiving reliable and safe energy. This summer we’ve been hit with a series of severe storms that has resulted in power outages, frustration, and unacceptable hardships for our customers. We are committed to improving our electric reliability and to do so, we have started to accelerate infrastructure work across Southeast Michigan including in Inkster.

After a recent review of reliability in Inkster, the community experienced outages due to trees interfering with power lines and other electrical equipment. These tree-related outages were heightened by the multiple severe storms that impacted the Inkster area this summer. In addition to the tree-related outages, sub-transmission issues and animal interference also resulted in outages on Inkster circuits.

Actions we’re taking to improve reliability

Here is a look at where we are planning the infrastructure improvements in Inkster.

Accelerating tree trim efforts in the area

  Completing further analysis

Upgrading and replacing poles, cross arms, and other equipment as needed


Project timeline

Work is expected to begin in early September and be completed by December 31, 2021.


Benefits to community

Improve reliability for about 3,080 customers in Inkster

              Fewer outages

            Shorter restoration time

Improved resiliency of the electric system during severe weather conditions

Support future growth in the area


Inkster reliability improvement updates and other useful information