The DTE Energy Foundation has supported recycling programs at major event across the state, including GRandJazzFest, a weekend-long jazz festival that brings a diverse audience of more than 10,000 over two days to Rosa Parks Circle in downtown Grand Rapids. People of all ages, ethnicities and socioeconomic levels enjoy two days of free, live jazz, all while increasing activity in local businesses and creating a positive economic impact. At Detroit’s JazzFest, the world’s largest free jazz festival, The DTE Energy Foundation provided recycling bins wrapped with reusable and washable material, reducing waste. Since education is the key to a successful recycling program and studies show that 60 percent of the population needs guidance, a “recycling wheel of fortune” was offered to children with prizes for high scores to teach them the importance of recycling.

One of the most significant partnerships was with the National Cherry Festival in Traverse City, Mich., a celebration of farmers, laborers, neighbors and anyone that comes together because of cherries. In 2017, the DTE Energy Foundation supported the recycling efforts during the Traverse City Cherry Festival from the first day of the festival on Saturday, July 1 to the end of the festival Saturday, July 8. The waste management system implemented during the National Cherry Festival was effective in diverting significant amounts of recyclable and compostable material from landfills and reducing potential greenhouse gas emissions. By preventing 92.5 percent of the festival waste stream from being landfilled, the National Cherry Festival reduced potential greenhouse gas emissions by 111 MTCO2E, which is equivalent to: The annual greenhouse gas emissions of 23 passenger vehicles The CO2 emissions from consuming 12,494 gallons of gas The yearly CO2 emission resulting from the energy used by 12 homes over one year The carbon sequestered by 131 acres of US forests in one year.