Recent record-breaking temperatures across much of Michigan leave no doubt that summer is in full swing. And while many of you are busy planning summer vacations, DTE Energy crews are hard at work to ensure you stay cool as temperatures rise.

Preparation ongoing

When temperatures go up, air conditioners go on, and the demand for electricity can go through the roof. No worries. DTE Energy has been preparing for hot weather long before the mercury began to climb. Throughout the year, our crews perform inspections and maintenance on the electrical distribution system, including trimming trees along thousands of miles of its electrical lines to prevent limbs and branches from damaging equipment — a leading cause of power outages.

We’re also making ongoing improvements to our infrastructure – from upgrading poles and wires to investing in new technologies – to help prevent service interruptions and improve restoration times when outages do occur.

Power on standby

When customer demand for power climbs with the temperatures, the electrical system sometimes needs an extra boost. For those times, DTE has a fleet of smaller generating units that can be brought on board quickly, making sure customer needs are seamlessly met.

DTE also has a fleet of seven mobile diesel generators. Mounted on semi-trailers, these generators can be quickly deployed and connected to the grid to prevent localized outages. Each remote-controlled unit can produce two megawatts, enough to power 750 homes and business.

No matter what challenges the temperature brings, DTE is dedicated to delivering you safe, reliable energy and peace of mind.

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