When working with a substance like electricity, it is always important to put safety first and be prepared for any scenario that may happen. That is why DTE Energy partnered with Commerce Charter Township and Beaumont Hospital to establish a mock Pole Top Rescue drill.

A Pole Top Rescue is executed when something has happened that has caused a line worker to become unconscious, unresponsive or otherwise unable to descend the structure on his or her own. Only line workers are qualified to safely ascend the pole and bring the individual down in these situations.

The purpose of this drill was to assure that, in the unfortunate event of an emergency situation, employees and local officials understand what needs to be done and how. While line workers perform Pole Top Rescue training annually, it was the first time that the drill was done in partnership with local municipalities. Overall, all parties performed exceptionally and the drill ran smoothly.

DTE Energy hopes to continue these partnerships with more training and drill opportunities.

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