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DTE Energy has been recognized by Points of Light, the world’s largest organization dedicated to volunteer service, as among the 50 most community-minded companies in the country and the top-ranked company in corporate citizenship among utilities nationwide. Points of Light presented DTE with its Civic 50 award on June 19 during the annual Points of Light Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

“This was the first year we participated in the Civic 50 survey, and we are very proud to be among the 50-best corporate citizens in the country and especially being the most community-minded utility company in the nation,” said Nancy Moody, vice president of DTE Public Affairs. “At DTE, we are striving to be the best operated energy company in North America and a force for growth and prosperity in the communities where we live and serve. Our team focuses on people, places, planet, progress and philanthropy, and this Civic 50 award confirms we’re on the right track and acknowledges our commitment in these areas.”

First presented in 2012 and determined through an annual survey, the Civic 50 award recognizes the most community-minded companies in the nation. Participating companies are evaluated based on four dimensions of community engagement efforts:

Investment: DTE was recognized for leveraging its giving, employee volunteers and public leadership to advance community engagement. In 2017, we connected individual talent and work ethic with training in skilled-trades that lead participants to immediate, well-paying jobs in an effort to close the employment gap in Detroit. For example, the DTE Foundation has invested over $2.5 million in a talent-to-trades pipeline exemplified in 2017 at Detroit’s Randolph Career Technical Center. DTE-led efforts to revive Detroit’s Randolph Career Technical Center resulted in enrollment tripling to more than 300 students in the 2017-18 school year. DTE also infused Randolph with 1,800 hours of volunteer support.

Integration: How a company’s community engagement program supports business interests – or how it “does well by doing good” – plays a major role in how customers can connect with the brand. To impact this key area, DTE’s focused its ongoing companywide efforts to target Michigan-based businesses for supplier and contractor relationships. Since 2011, DTE has spent more than $7.5 billion with local suppliers of goods and services, creating 16,000 jobs statewide. More than 70 percent of DTE’s purchasing dollars now go Michigan businesses, achieved without compromising cost or quality. 

Institutionalization: DTE was recognized for its organizational systems and incentives thanks to its “Force for Growth” commitment –  where the company launched a five-year commitment to make life better across Michigan by creating jobs and growing the middle class. About 25 percent of the total time invested in onboarding new employees at DTE is devoted to Force for Growth, signifying its importance to the company, its customers and communities served. Additionally, the company launched DTEImpact.com for customers to track its real-time progress.

Impact: DTE presented its leadership role in community rejuvenation by transforming the 148-acre neighborhood surrounding its downtown Detroit campus into a welcoming, safe place to live, work, and recreate. The neighborhood’s new recreational centerpiece is Beacon Park, opened last year by DTE. The park – Detroit’s newest green space – has already spurred an announced $140 million redevelopment of the area. To ensure their safety, DTE expanded its campus security to cover the entire neighborhood. A DTE-led Crime Deterrence Initiative (CDI) improved street lighting and video monitoring, reducing vehicle break-ins, bike thefts, and other crimes by 80 percent. DTE also pointed to its position as the top-ranked regional utility for customer satisfaction.