Since opening its doors in 2001, the Philippine American Community Center of Michigan (PACCM) has been much more than a gathering place. Offering an expansive event space to host performances, dancing and dinners along with classrooms for learning art, music and cultural traditions, it serves as a go-to spot for the community when it’s time to celebrate or connect for support. The organization’s mission is to “promote, advance and preserve the Filipino culture, traditions, values and heritage,” which is clear through its cultural community space that doubles as an avenue for learning.

PACCM also welcomes local seniors every second Friday monthly who can enjoy free Filipino cuisine, entertainment and  – most importantly – fellowship. Serving as a warming location in the winter, the Philippine American Community Center was also one of the first organizations to offer the COVID vaccine and now booster shots.

“You never know what can happen or where the need is, but we want to support the community no matter what. Opening our space once COVID began to subside was critical for our seniors so they could reconnect with one other,” said Ryan Rosario, PACCM vice president. “We can have more than 100 seniors during these events, it’s a great way for everyone to meet new people and maintain relationships.”

Their connection to the local community is exactly why our Public Affairs team partnered with the organization. During the recent high heat advisory and storms that scattered southeast Michigan, the location was used as a hub to offer over 2,000 bottles of free water provided by DTE.

“We thank DTE for such generosity. Our culture is always hospitable and open to everyone, so we’re looking for more ways to help our local communities and will be able to do so with this support,” said Rosario. “We have a lot of seniors with challenging situations, plus 40 organizations we serve in the Pilipino American community, and this has abled us to give it to those we serve.”

Community partners are vital to DTE’s mission as they have a pulse on local needs and work alongside DTE to build a thriving Michigan for a better tomorrow.

“The Philippine American Community Center has been a steadfast space in Oakland County, and we’re grateful for their partnership to serve the community,” said Ann-Marie Morris, Public Affairs senior program manager at DTE. “Organizations like these and so many others provide a lifeline to our neighbors, while driving progress, equity and inclusion across Michigan.”

“We’re there when you need us and that’s what a center should be,” said Rosario.