Adopting a new pet is a wonderful moment for any family or individual. That pet provides joy, companionship and a lifetime of memories. But what about the impact it has on Michigan’s economy?

“When someone adopts a pet from the Michigan Humane Society or another adoption center, there is a lot of economic activity that is generated,” said Camilo Serna, vice president of corporate strategy, DTE Energy. “People think of the good welcoming a pet into your home brings, but don’t realize how much food, kennel and veterinarian services impact our economy.”

To dig deeper into the Michigan Humane Society’s (MHS) economic impact, DTE employees volunteered to provide their unique analytical, strategic thinking and problem-solving skills to develop an economic impact report that shows how MHS’ services are directly impacting Michigan’s economy.

“A lot of people associate the Michigan Humane Society with a great pace to adopt a dog – and we are, we’re a fantastic place to adopt an animal – but there’s so much more to our story,” said Matt Pepper, president and CEO, Michigan Humane Society.

The information discovered through the report has opened a new wave of possibilities for MHS to attract new donors, find new partners and keep telling their story.

“DTE is doing what you would hope invested, corporate leaders in this community would do,” said Matt Pepper, president and CEO, Michigan Humane Society “They’ve really taken an attachment to our mission and have helped support it in so many ways – whether its financially or volunteering – the relationship has allowed us to open a lot of doors and do a lot of great things.”

Watch the video below to see DTE’s impact first-hand. To learn more about the Michigan Humane Society, visit their website.