This guest post is from Matt Pepper, president and CEO of the Michigan Humane Society

The Michigan Humane Society has been a prominent part of the Detroit landscape for 140 years. In that time we have impacted the lives of countless animals and just as many, if not more, people.

Protecting and defending those with no voice is part of our mission. Together, MHS cruelty investigation and rescue departments respond to some 10,000 service calls a year. Those calls range from horrific abuse, like Baron the Rottweiler whose nose, tail and legs were mutilated, to more common issues of neglect and less extreme cruelty. Regardless, we should consider all forms of violence as unacceptable.

Animal cruelty and wanton neglect is not merely a crime against animals: It is a crime against society. But as a unified collective, unwilling to accept any violence in our communities, we begin to muster the numbers we need to end brutality against any living thing.

We start with those who share our commitment to serve and move forward with people such as the incredible group of DTE linemen. Like MHS’ cruelty and rescue teams, DTE linemen serve as boots on the ground and a voice for those who can’t speak.

At MHS, we are committed to helping animals in need and holding those guilty of animal cruelty and neglect accountable for their actions. We are committed to changing the perception of, and the reality for, all animals in Detroit. With community centered corporations such as DTE walking beside us, there is no limit to what the future holds.

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