Fall is officially in full swing in Michigan. The sweaters are out, the leaves are changing to golden hues, and the air is crisp.

However, with the temperatures getting chilly, everyone wants to be cuddling up inside. These changes in the number of hours you spend at home have a big impact on how you use energy. Whether it’s more time watching scary movies, having more lights on for Halloween/Day light savings time, cooking a turkey or keeping the house toasty with a fire, increasing the amount of electricity or natural gas you use during the colder seasons means your bill will go up.
The good news is, there are some ways you can save energy this fall. Here are some simple steps and even ways to get cash back from DTE for your efforts:
Check your home for cracks, leaks, and drafts.
Air leaks can occur from cracks or gaps in windows, doors, and walls. These cracks or gaps lead to heat escaping and cold air entering. So, before the weather gets colder, check all the doors and windows in your home for leaks. Get rebates for adding insulation and upgrading to energy efficient windows. Learn more
at dteenergy.com/insulationrebates
Extra tip: Adding weather stripping or caulk around your front and back door can keep heat in and cold air out.

• Let the light in.
The sun is a natural heater. Open your curtains on the south-facing side of your home to take advantage of natural heat and avoid unnecessary heating costs. Of course, once night falls don’t forget to close them to keep that free heat in.

• Reverse your ceiling fan’s spin.
This may seem crazy, but simply changing the direction of your ceiling fan can reduce your homes energy use. Switch the fan to clockwise, since warm air rises the clockwise direction of the fan will push the warm air down, naturally heating your home.

• Adjust the thermostat.
When you are home and awake adjust your thermostat to your optimal temperature. But when you are asleep or out for the day, lower your thermostat a bit. It could save you up to 10% each year on your energy bills. Simplify this by getting a programable thermostat that adjusts based on your specifications. Insert Marketplace to buy tstat and other EE items…

• Inspect your HVAC systems.
Annual maintenance is the standard for most equipment and DTE offers rebates for a comprehensive, diagnostic furnace or boiler tune-ups. ENERGY STAR®’s maintenance checklist offers tips to help ensure you continue to lower your energy costs. Get rebates up to $900 when you upgrade to a high-efficiency furnace, boiler, air conditioner, or water heater. Learn more at dteenergy.com/hvacrebates

• Get out of the house.
When you spend less hours at home, you are using less energy. Luckily, the mitten has plenty of fun fall options. Try going on a color tour to see the changing leaves in full glory or check out a cider mill for some cider and donuts.

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