How well protected is your household? Despite increased awareness on security flaws, home invasions and burglaries are still a common problem in the States. According to the FBI, one burglary happens every 14 seconds, totaling more than 3.5 million incidents per year, on average. When it comes to property loss, homeowners are set back an average of $2,230 per break-in.

Did you know that summer afternoons, between 10am and 3pm, is when your home is most likely to be burglarized?  Thankfully, when it comes to home security, we’ve come a long way, well past simply hanging up a “Beware of Dog” sign. New advancements in home security include:

  • “Event” push notifications: With most reputable home security providers now developing their own apps, you now have the option to be instantly notified when certain “events” happen on your property. Settings options let you specify if you want to be notified when movement happens in the backyard, a window is opened, etc. so that you do not have to be constantly monitoring camera feeds when you’re out and about.
  • Behavior-learned lighting: Forward-thinking industry newcomers like BeOn have put to market lightbulbs that simulate an occupied home. It learns when you turn on your lights and when, so that when they’re put into “away mode,” they operate as you would and gives a soft warm glow. Crazy enough, they even work during a power outage!
  • Soundwave detection: Most installed security systems work via motion sensors, sounding an alarm once someone crosses a threshold into the home. These can get expensive, and cameras may be too invasive for your tastes. Point developed a home “listening” system that detects any disturbance in the airwaves, from coughs, to a frustrated trespasser mumbling under his or her breath, to cigarette smoke.
  • A whopping one-third of invaders enter right through the front door, underlining the necessity of a foolproof system right on the front porch. Did you know there are doorbells you can answer via an app – from anywhere? Companies like SkyBell and Vivint make doorbells that enable two-way communication and live video streaming, providing additional security where you need it most!

When you’re at home, it is your right to feel safe and secure. In addition to getting the right technology, you can take a few precautions yourself. Incarcerated burglars suggest leaving a TV and/or radio on, updating your older window frames and doors, and enlisting your nosey neighbor in looking after the property when you’re away.

Now is the time to prep your home for the season ahead. For more tips, peep the Your Power section for plenty of inspiration

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