Muskegon Heights residents and business owners along Hume St. are receiving upgrades to ensure the safe, reliable delivery of the natural gas they depend on every day. Work will begin in January and last about three months (weather permitting) with roads closing in three-block sections along Hume St. at Getty St., and running west to Moffet St.

The improvements are part of DTE Energy’s $3.5 billion Natural Gas Renewal Program (GRP) the company is implementing state-wide. Locally, more than 45,000 feet of cast iron and steel gas lines are being replaced with durable, environmentally friendly plastic pipes that improve safety and help protect the planet.

According to Jonathan Wilson, regional manager at DTE, the GRP is a key component of the company’s plan to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. When completed, the program will reduce DTE Gas’ emissions by 50%. Customers experience immediate benefits, too. As gas lines are replaced, indoor gas meters will be moved outside eliminating estimated readings and the need for crew members to come inside for meter inspections and maintenance.

With safety as a top priority, DTE will provide temporary repairs to sidewalks, driveways, landscaping and other property to take residents safely through the winter. Crews will return in the spring when weather permits to make final repairs. Crews also will follow strict COVID-19 safety procedures, including social distancing, daily health screenings and wearing masks, gloves and safety glasses.

Muskegon Heights residents will receive updates from DTE throughout the upgrades, including letters, emails and doorhangers. Residents also can get answers to their questions and check timing of work at their property at dteenergy.com/gasrenewal and dteenergy/gasrenewalmaps. Or, they can call Michael Beaver, DTE Energy at 616-240-4978.