Happy Father’s Day! Just kidding, it’s not June 18 just yet. But time is running out to pick out the perfect gift for the dad, grandfather or mentor in your life. So skip the tie and pen this year and buy Dad something he’ll really use – a power tool.

Why Electric Tools?

Electric garden tools are the best choice for today’s homeowner. Compared to their gas-guzzling counterparts, both corded and cordless electric tools are quieter and generate less atmospheric pollution, in addition to being more convenient so long as you have a power source. Some two-stroke gas engines also require a mixture of oil and gasoline that is many times hard to find or mix correctly if you’re doing it at home. Electric power tools conveniently work at the flip of a switch and tools made by the same manufacturer can sometimes share the same battery, limiting the number of batteries and chargers you need to purchase while maximizing the amount of power on hand for every job.

Cordless or corded?

This age-old debate can only be solved by one thing: preference. There are many reasons to consider both options. For cordless tools, the freedom of being able to move around freely can’t be beat. With a battery-powered tool, you can go from back yard to front, over bushes and hedges and into the tightest crawl spaces with ease. If there is a downside to battery-powered tools, however, it’s cost. Many of these models are more expensive than gas or corded tools and some batteries lose their strength of charge after years of use. Corded power tools offer many of the advantages of their battery-powered siblings without the worry of running out of power. If you’re looking for a big-time tool such as a chainsaw, these are the way to go as corded units exert more power than their cordless counterparts and no recharging is necessary.  Nowadays, some tools have batteries and adapters for cords, giving you (and Dad) the best of both worlds.

What to buy?

Now that you know some pros and cons to electric tools, it’s time to find the perfect tool.  If you’re don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered. Any of the below tools will make for a perfect Father’s Day present (so long as he doesn’t already have one!) and is available at most hardware stores around the state.

  • Weed-whacker
  • Chainsaw
  • Drill
  • Hedge trimmer
  • Table saw
  • Lawnmower
  • Blowers and vacuums

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