Moving can be hectic, especially during COVID-19, as you may face barriers or additional steps during your move. Whether you’re moving back to campus or a whole new town, we’ve got tips on how to make this transition as safe and smooth as possible.

Utilities: Transfer your utilities ahead of time by telling your providers your expected move out and move in dates. Luckily, at DTE we make it easy for you to start, stop or transfer your electric or natural gas service online.

Plan ahead: Communicate with your leasing office or realtor via telephone to confirm your move to minimize being face-to-face with anyone you don’t have to. Provide your DTE confirmation number for proof of service. Additionally, request e-signiture or mail-in forms for any paperwork needed.

Packing supplies: This time around, use new cardboard boxes or purchase tubs so that you aren’t reusing boxes from friends or local stores. This will diminish your exposure to germs that may have been on the materials from previous users.

Moving crew: Whether you’re having a couple friends help you move or hiring a service, make sure everyone is feeling well the day-of. The professional movers should already have masks and gloves in tow, but have extra masks, gloves, and sanitizer available for anyone involved.

Clean and disinfect: It’s likely you’re moving somewhere that’s been lived in recently by other occupants. To be safe, clean and disninfect the space before unpacking.

Self care: Moving can be stressful, so make sure you’re taking care of yourself in ways that work best for you leading up to the move. On moving day, make sure you are feeling phsyically and mentally healthy, and know it is okay to push back the move-in date, if you are sick.

Keeping yourself and others safe during COVID-19 is important, and remembering these tips while you move will help ensure a strong level of safety.

Know someone moving soon? Send them these tips to make sure they’re prepared.

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