Industry, Intelligence, Integrity.

These are the words that define Wayne State University, established in Detroit, Michigan on August 8, 1833. The institution actually started as a collection of smaller, highly specialized schools in the “Colleges of the City of Detroit” before being brought under the Wayne State umbrella. This happened due to the extraordinary vision of Michigan-made Civil War doctors, who saw just how much the world could improve through access to high-quality healthcare and medicine.

For that reason, WSU’s School of Medicine is revered as one of the best in the country, fueling Detroit’s clout as a hub for innovators in the industry. That perception started with the administration opening Harper Hospital in 1864 to care for soldiers and veterans. The founding doctors wanted to share their battlefield experience as widely as possible, and would host humongous gatherings in Detroit’s amphitheaters to have classes of more than 100 students see the surgeries live. Wayne State’s curriculum was hands-on, deeply informative, and forward thinking – and still is today!

The school contributes to the region’s success in many other ways, too. More than 1,150 jobs were created through its “business incubator” research center known as TechTown. These jobs allow aspiring entrepreneurs to quickly assemble the building blocks needed for starting a business. Innovation-centered initiatives like TechTown have been responsible for driving the Motor City’s tech boom.

There’s no doubt that WSU remains committed to the success of Michigan as a whole, too. It joined the University of Michigan and Michigan State University in a commitment to investing in the health of the state, in what is known as the University Research Corridor. The shared focus is talent production (through efforts like TechTown), academic research, and economic revitalization. Together, the research, development and implementation have generated more than $152 billion in economic impact for Michigan!

Finally, 75 percent of the 260,000-member alumni body live in Michigan, dedicating their talent back to their communities. If your high school grad is making the transition to Wayne State or some other college, here are some helpful tips

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