Access to renewable energy sources is important. Just ask Michigan small business owner Kaylan Mitchell. Mitchell, a co-owner of The Getup Vintage, an up-cycle clothing store featuring men and women’s clothing and accessories from the 50’s-90’s in Ann Arbor, is a passionate Michigander who cares deeply about the environment and conservation.

A visit to The Getup Vintage is like taking a step back in time. The store is a bright and inviting place that reflects the owners’ enthusiasm and reverence of times past, but also the importance of recycling and reusing through any means possible. Between garments, jewelry and even homemade laundry detergent in which clothes are washed in preparation for sale, Mitchell and co-owner Lindsay Leyland take every opportunity to minimize and eliminate waste to positively impact the environment. That’s why they were so excited when a DTE employee came into the store in 2017 and told them about the MIGreenPower program.

Launched in April 2017, MIGreenPower provides interested customers with an easy and affordable way to reduce their carbon footprint by increasing the percentage of their energy usage that is attributed to DTE’s newest renewable projects.  Business owners and residential customers alike have the opportunity to support local wind and solar farms – two of the most affordable clean energy sources available. By subscribing to MIGreenPower, customers can elect to increase the amount of renewable energy they use in 5 percent increments, up to 100 percent, with only slight increases to their monthly bills.

“With the way we run our business and with our focus on reducing, reusing and recycling, it just made sense to be a part of this program,” Mitchell said. “We’ve only got one planet and a limited number of resources so protecting them are incredibly important.”

Mitchell’s thoughts align with DTE’s mission to reduce carbon emissions by 80 percent by 2050. As Michigan’s largest investor in renewable energy, including wind and solar, DTE has driven investments of more than $2 billion in renewable energy since 2008.  In 2017, more than 10 percent of the energy provided by DTE was generated from a renewable source in Michigan – enough clean generation to power nearly 450,000 homes.

“It’s refreshing to see a company of DTE’s size recognize the importance of renewable energy,” Mitchell said. “They are an organization that has the power to make real change and it’s clear they’re looking to do so.”

To see how DTE Energy is building a clean energy future, see our renewable energy project map to see our solar, wind, landfill gas and biomass initiatives in Michigan. For more information on the MIGreenPower program and the enrollment process, please visit dteenergy.com/migreenpower or call 855.613.4445.

Photo courtesy of The Getup Vintage