Previously, we shared one Michigan small business that was taking advantage of the DTE Energy MIGreenPower program, and now we’re back for more. DTE Energy sat down with Jon Hughes, owner of the Downtown Ferndale and Downtown Detroit Bike Shops, to see why he decided to opt-into the program and why he feels it’s important for businesses and residential customers alike to focus on renewable energy.

Folks say that Downtown Ferndale Bike Shop and Downtown Detroit Bike Shop are among southeast Michigan’s friendliest and most fun bike shops, and it’s easy to see why. Spaces full of helpful professionals, these shops focus on diverse styles you won’t find everywhere, including Fixed Gear Freestyle, Commuter, and Bike Polo cycles and accessories. As you’d expect, the owners and staff are passionate about minimalism – both in getting around town and with their energy.

“A big part of our business is encouraging people to ride their bike to work, to the grocery store and other places they might normally drive, and that conversation is just as applicable to energy when you look at all of the renewable energy options currently available,” Hughes explained. “Perpetuating green lifestyles is core to our beliefs at the shops, and when we heard about the MIGreenPower program, we were fully on board.”

Launched in April 2017, MIGreenPower provides interested customers with an easy and affordable way to reduce their carbon footprint by increasing the percentage of their energy usage that is attributed to DTE’s newest renewable projects.  Business owners and residential customers alike have the opportunity to support renewable energy from Michigan wind and solar farms – two of the most affordable clean energy sources available. By subscribing to MIGreenPower, customers can match up to 100 percent of their home’s energy use with renewable energy. For the average customer, matching at 100 percent would add about $20 more per month to their DTE bill.

“I heard about the program through an email from DTE Energy and it immediately caught my interest. Everyone should be looking to make a small difference in our overall carbon footprint, whether it be through your gas tank by riding a bike or through your DTE bill. Everyone can do just a little bit, and the more people we can get into that frame of thinking the more we all can do to make a positive difference.”

To see how DTE Energy is building a clean energy future, see our renewable energy project map to see our solar, wind, landfill gas and biomass initiatives in MichiganFor more information on the MIGreenPower program and the enrollment process, please visit dteenergy/MIGreenPower.com or call 855.613.4445.

Photo courtesy of Downtown Ferndale Bike Shop