On November 11, we pay tribute to the brave men and women whom have fought valiantly in defense of our great state and nation. If you’re looking for some places to visit in honor of the day, or would like to pay your respects any day, be sure to put these five memorials on your list.

  1. Escanaba Park (Grand Haven)

Escanaba Park, located in Coast Guard City, USA, is home to a memorial to the U.S. Coast Guard. The park was originally named Kelly Park but was renamed in commemoration of the loss of the USCGC Escanaba and those whom perished when the ship sank in 1943. The park is owned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and, like the other memorial destinations mentioned below, is open to the public.

  1. Grand Traverse Area Veterans Memorial (Traverse City)

The Grand Traverse Area Veterans Memorial has become a reality through the efforts of the Grand Traverse Area Veterans Memorial Coalition and all the others that have donated their time, work, and money to make it a success. The circular memorial, which includes flags of the five military branches, was dedicated on September 18, 2011 with ribbon cutting, salutes, flag raising and special speakers. A true gem in Traverse City.

  1. Veterans Memorial Park (Grand Raids)

Veterans Memorial Park is home to pillars erected in honor of those who served in multiple conflicts throughout our nation’s history. The park, dedicated in 2926, is located near the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum and Public Library.

  1. Brighton Veterans Memorial (Brighton)

The Brighton Memorial, recently redesigned, includes an engraved rock honoring the men and women from the Brighton area whom have honorably served surrounded by the flags of the five military branches. The site was designed to provide an enduring footprint to endure throughout the generations.

  1. Fort Custer National Cemetery (Augusta)

One of two national shrines in Michigan, the Fort Custer National Cemetery is named after Michigan-native Gen. George Armstrong Custer in 1917 for soldiers in World War I. It was designated as a national cemetery in 1981. There are 31 memorials at Fort Custer National Cemetery, most commemorating military organizations and veterans’ groups.

These are just a few of the many places to honor our veterans around Michigan. Check out our other Your Neighborhood blogs to discover other great places to explore around the state.