Across the state, DTE Energy is rebuilding the natural gas infrastructure to continue to provide safe, reliable gas service for many generations to come. The gas upgrade program is in full swing in more than 10 communities in southeast and west Michigan. The work is focused in communities based on the age of the infrastructure, composition of the existing pipes, leak history and proximity to areas of dense population.

Half-century old cast iron and bare steel gas pipes are being replaced with new high-tech plastic pipes. The yellow, flexible plastic (polyethylene) pipes are corrosion resistant, easier to transport, less costly to install than steel or cast-iron pipes. The pipe walls are thicker than those they replace and are more resistant to cracks and pressure, reducing the potential for leaks. Smaller versions of the plastic pipes are being put in place to replace steel/copper service lines that bring the gas from the gas main to the customer’s home or business.

DTE collaborates on the pipe installation with local communities to coordinate with other planned work such as road re-paving and/or sewer replacement in minimize disruption to residents. DTE is supporting the growth of Michigan communities by building an improved infrastructure for the future.

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