Life can be hard. Managing finances, work and relationships can be a lot to handle and take a toll on your mental health. Juggling responsibilities can wear down your wellbeing – and impact self-esteem, behavior and how you recover from hardships and setbacks.

When help is needed to achieve a healthy state of mind, traditional methods may not always be convenient (especially for those with for busy schedules). However, there are other methods to nurturing your mental health. Technology, while broadcasted as a negative influence on our mental state, can also be a benefit with many apps designed to nourish your mental health.

An electronic device in your pocket allows you to keep help literally in hand to handle moments of stress, difficulty, grief and more. With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, put your peace of mind first by trying one of these popular mobile apps:


A micro-diary app lets you quickly jot down your impressions about your day and easily keep track of your mood. You can record your emotions and activities and get a monthly mood chart that lets you see all the highs and lows you went through.


If you don’t time to meet with a therapist face-to-face, Talkspace might just be the next best thing. You start with a free consultation, where you’ll be matched with a licensed therapist who’s best equipped for what you’re going through. Then, for $49 a week, you’ll have somewhat unlimited access to them.

Happy Not Perfect

This app offers 200+ mindful exercises to practice more positivity, meditation, and stress management. You can use it as a journal, to create a daily relaxation routine, and even to send good vibes to friends through the app messaging.


The main goal of this app is to just “feel happier,” and the program gives you plenty of options. You’ll get to choose a path of activities, from parenting to anxiety to confidence, that are coached by trained professionals. You’ll start by taking a test to see where you’re at and how you tend to approach tough, stressful spots in your life. Then the app will suggest a path based on your answers. To move along the path, you’ll complete gratitude exercises, meditate, and learn a lot about yourself along the way.

Insight Timer

This app offers nearly 10,000 free guided meditations. Users can modify the meditation to what they need in the moment, with a variety of options ranging from ambient sounds to the sounds of bells. Insight Timer also has more than 3,000 discussion groups and local meetup runs by users.

Quit That!

Finding it hard to quit something — whether it’s alcohol or Diet Coke or the daily coffee rituals? Quit That! is a free app that tracks habits people are trying to quit and shows accomplishments along the way, like how long it’s been since quitting and how much money you’ve saved.