DTE is on a mission to build a cleaner, healthier environment where we can all live and thrive. This goal extends beyond our company and drives us to encourage our suppliers to adopt more environmentally-friendly practices as well

DTE is a charter member of The Electric Utility Industry Sustainable Supply Chain Alliance, a group of electric utilities working together to develop a greener supply chain for the utility industry.

 “We’re committed to the Alliance because many of the products and services we purchase are unique to our industry,” said Chief Procurement Officer Tony Tomczak who is also a member of the Alliance leadership committee. “Sharing best practices and learning from other utilities is the most efficient way to develop a more environmentally-friendly nationwide supply chain.”

Last April, the Alliance named DTE its member of the year, in part because of our work on The Sustainability Project (TSP), an online tool to help suppliers identify, benchmark, plan and prioritize sustainable business practices. TSP’s mission is to make sustainable best practices easy to access, understand and adopt.

DTE encourages vendors to take advantage of this resource and use of the online tool is increasing. More than 90 suppliers completed the TSP survey in 2018. We also sponsored online training that exposes suppliers to the value of the tool and teaches them how to leverage it to improve their environmental performance.  

To learn more about The Alliance, visit their web site.