Crews are working for DTE to meet Detroit’s growing infrastructure needs, and to supply safe and reliable natural gas.

These upgrades, which began on April 1, will improve reliability and meet the growing demands for natural gas service as Detroit continues to rebuild and attract new businesses and residents.

A few items to note regarding our construction process:

  • Gas service will not be interrupted.
  • Work will run through Friday, Nov.15.
  • Construction will occur mostly between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. hours, while some daytime work will be required.
  • Construction will impact businesses and residents along Larned Street, beginning at Randolph Street through Washington Street.
  • DTE will restore all affected sidewalks, lawns, landscaping and driveways within 30 days, depending on weather and seasonal constraints.

For more information about the construction being performed in this area, leave us a message through our hotline at 313.235.8364.