Too much screen time is a source of worry for many parents, but there are some educational apps and websites that can actually be quite beneficial to kids. If you’re looking to change up the routine from the usual games or shows that your children watch and play, consider introducing them to these tools that will teach them important life skills for road ahead.

Savings Spree (App)

Looking to teach money management? Whether it’s a weekly allowance or birthday money, it’s never too early to learn the benefits of putting money away. Savings Spree is an app that teaches kids how the daily lifestyle choices they make can add up to big savings or big expenses. It includes goals such as what kids can save up to buy, such as a bike or MP3 player, while also offering investment ideas such as accounts that will accumulate interest to pay for college.

DTE Energy Kids Money Management Savings Learning

The Oregon Trail (App)

Talk about nostalgia. The updated versions of the Oregon Trail  teach kids about long-term responsibility and planning. Like the original game, characters join a historic wagon train traveling westward from Missouri and make all the decisions during the trip, including when to rest, what route to take, and what supplies to bring. This app is a great way to develop a sense of ethics and strategic decision making.

ZisBoomBah (App and Website)

This colorful nutrition education site empowers kids to create healthy, balanced meals in an engaging way. In the site’s main game, “Pick Chow!,” kids drag foods to a plate to create a meal, which is then rated on nutrition values like sodium, fat, protein and sugar. What’s better, once your child’s virtual meal is complete, they can send it to their parents account with recipes, coupons and a companion shopping list. Easy peasy!

DTE Energy Kids School Lunch

Agnitus (Website)

In a world where kids are told not to touch things, the Agnitus app says, “Yes! Please touch!” This site is all about providing tangible learning experiences to kids. Here, they can learn about size relationships, colors, trace numbers, read books and more, all on a tablet. It’s a great way for kids to stay sharp for the next school year in the summertime or for some fun practice while they’re still learning at home. The games available on the site cater to different ages, meaning your child can continue to learn as they grow.

DTE Energy Kids Learning Math Science Technology Life Skills

HTE Kids News (Website)

In a world where there are so many distractions, it’s important to keep up with what’s happening in the world around us – even for kids. HTE Kids News is a current events site designed for elementary-aged children who want to read the news for themselves. All stories are told here through written text, and photos or video are age appropriate so kids can read without having a caregiver present. Since this site is interactive, parents should be sure to teach kids about appropriate commenting and to not share any personal information.

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