Kids’ Food Basket is a grassroots, community solution to childhood hunger. In Michigan, 1 in 5 children are affected by hunger and thousands of West Michigan children are food insecure – they can’t count on having access to good, nourishing food every day. The organization engages the West Michigan community to encourage children to reach their full potential, both in school and in life. Consistent, nutritious meals support cognitive development and help children focus by meeting critical health needs with healthy calories can lessen the risk of conditions such as diabetes and obesity, and helping avoid behavioral issues such as irritability, aggression and anxiety. Hunger is both a symptom and a cause of poverty—and should not be a barrier to success. Nourished children can perform better in school, which leads to greater academic achievement and more opportunities.

The DTE Energy Foundation and Kids’ Food Basket share the belief that the entire community benefits as the issues caused by childhood hunger are improved and more children learn and live well. Kids’ Food Basket currently serve approximately 8,000 children at 45 locations across three counties, and continue to grow to meet the need. Kid’s Food Basket utilizes facilities that are locally funded and operated, helping us maximize impact in the communities we serve. Through the Foundation’s support, the organization was able to more than double the number of meals served to children. Additionally, it helps develop educational programs for young people in civic engagement and volunteerism, and encourages youth learn about food and urban agriculture.