Michigan’s spring break season is almost upon us, as students take a much-deserved time away from academics and other responsibilities. While most of us adults aren’t afforded the same luxury, spring break is a convenient opportunity to reconnect as a family. After all, quality time together is rare these days: Research finds American families spend just 37 minutes together during “free time” each day.

However, destination vacations are at their most expensive this time of year. Making travel arrangements for each member of the household can add up. So, why not just plan a family “staycation”? You could travel to any one of Michigan’s exciting towns, or just have fun in your neighborhood and under your own roof. Kicking spring off with activities like these can help encourage family togetherness all throughout the year:


So long as everyone’s allergies—and your own pet’s vaccinations—are in check, fostering a pet is an amazing bonding experience. Research your local humane societies to see how you can help, and foster for spring break week and possibly beyond. Normal spring break activities like day trips and visits to the park will get even better with a pet. What’s more, you are giving the animal an opportunity to survive and thrive! Double win.


If it’s warm enough (you never know in Michigan), a camping night is a vacation in itself. Think of all the things that make actual camping trips exciting—bonfires and food, yard games and toys, stargazing—and suit it to your backyard. This is also a good time to try to disconnect from technology to focus on family and enjoying the great outdoors.


Morel mushroom hunting kicks off in Michigan in early spring. The intriguing shroom takes some skill to find, plus they’re delicious, making it a rewarding and more active spring break adventure. Cool, shaded spots under trees are a great place to start, and areas that had previously been burned. Even better, you’re sure to run into other species and sights.


Especially if you spent time a lot of time traveling, a spring break spa day is just the ticket. There are endless DIY spa day tips (for things like facials and appetizer recipes) for you to research. Another surprisingly relaxing idea is just booking a hotel for the night. Taking advantage of their pool and spa services, then coming home to a completely clean room at night, can help you and your family press “reset”.

Beyond quality time, spring break could also be the time to empower your children to pursue their passions. Get some inspiration ➡


Photo Credit: John Morgan