The sizzle of a steak, slight pop of an “extra-cooked” hot dog and crackle of fresh veggies can only mean one thing – Michigan’s barbecue season is upon us! Statewide, Michiganders wait with baited breath for the first opportunity to pull out the grill and create a delicacy meat-eaters and herbivores alike would love.

May marks National Barbecue Month and, while many of us are accustomed to using charcoal as part of our cooking process, this can actually cause some harm to the environment. Not only does burning charcoal emit three times the carbon emissionsof natural gas, but it produces hydrocarbons and soot that can exasperate heart and lung issues.

If you want to give your grilling season a more environmentally-friendly spin, here are some of the options at your disposal:

  • Give gas grilling a go. Gas grills generate a lesser amount of carbon dioxide and smoke than charcoal grills. Cleanup is quick and prep time for getting the grill warmed up is short – making gas grills a convenient way to create the delicious barbecue meal you’re craving.
  • Start up the electric grill. Electric grills don’t burn with open flames, so they can be used indoors and enclosed areas like garages and sheds. In addition, they don’t give off any smoke or fumes, so they are healthier for both your health and the environment.
  • Pop open the pellet grill. Pellet grills’ versatility is what makes them so unique– you can grill, roast, smoke, barbecue or even bake in them! These grills, which run off of a home’s electrical current, use wood pellets in place of charcoal briquettes that burn evenly, helping to minimize ash.

We know you’re excited to get started, but don’t forget, safety first! Here are some safety tips to keep in your back pocket this grilling season.

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