Keeping your employees and your customers safe and warm as the temperature falls is crucial to the success of your business this fall and winter. DTE Energy has advice on how to ensure everyone stays safe in and around your workplace as snow and ice set in.

  • Keep sidewalks, parking lots and other public areas clear. Whether you handle ice and snow removal yourself or you have a snow removal service, keeping public areas clear during winter is essential to avoiding slips, trips and falls for both employees and customers. If you or your employees are responsible for shoveling, make sure to avoid overexertion and use proper shoveling techniques to avoid injuries.
  • Make sure company vehicles are winter-ready. If your employees will be on the road during the winter, make sure that every vehicle in your fleet is up-to-date on maintenance and keep vehicles fueled to avoid possible ice buildup in fuel lines. Every company vehicle should also have a winter safety kit including kitty litter, a blanket, a snow brush and ice scraper, gloves and reflective triangles or flares, and employees should be reminded about winter driving risks and techniques.
  • Use portable space heaters wisely. If your workspace requires the use of portable space heaters, make sure employees know how to operate them safely. Inspect heaters for signs of damage before use and replace damaged units. Space heaters should never be left unattended and should be placed out of high-traffic areas where they could pose a tripping hazard and cause burns. Do not put space heaters on furniture or carpet and keep paper and other flammable materials away from the heater to avoid the risk of fire.
  • Test carbon monoxide and smoke alarms. An improperly vented or poorly maintained furnace can create a carbon monoxide buildup that can be hazardous or even fatal to your employees and customers. Make sure you have carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms placed in multiple areas around your business and test them regularly to ensure proper operation, and have your furnace inspected and serviced to avoid maintenance issues that may create a danger.

With these tips, you can keep your business running smoothly and successfully through the winter and ensure your customers and your employees are warm and safe.