We create many of our funniest, happiest and most impactful memories during our time with loved ones. They’re the moments that bring a smile to our faces, a happy tear to our eye or help us reflect on what’s most important in our personal lives.

What better time than National Family Stories Month to remember these moments through the written or spoken word of those closest to us? Commemorated throughout November, National Family Stories Month is a great kickoff to the holidays by gathering loved ones for a ride down memory lane. Not only is this a prime opportunity to share fun stories from the past, but it’s also a time to re-visit important, historical moments that can be passed on to future generations.

There are a number of ways that National Family Stories Month can be celebrated, here are a few:

  • Plan a get-together where stories take center stage. Prepare by sharing a few thought starters to get the family’s wheels turning on topic(s) like their funniest childhood memories, favorite piece of family history or most-loved family tradition. When they arrive, gather around and share!
  • Encourage your family to bring a picture related to their favorite story and add the picture to a scrapbook. Or, for the tech-savvy, create a specialized hashtag and upload pictures along with that special hashtag.
  • Keep a pen and piece of paper handy during the next family event. Encourage family members to write down funny or memorable stories they hear or think about during their visit.
  • Family history month isn’t just relegated to remembering moments of immediate family. Take your children to your local library to participate in library story time or attend one of these storytelling events across Michigan.