Destination Deep Space. “Coopertition.” A State Championship. A chance to shine on the world stage. DTE-sponsored FIRST Robotics teams worked together to build something truly great in 2019, and we were there to capture their stories. 

Earlier this year, we followed eight teams through the FIRST Robotics season, from the announcement of this year’s game in January all the way to the World Championship in Detroit in April. We didn’t know what to expect from the teams, but some interesting themes emerged during the season. 

Robotics is much more than building a robot. It’s learning how to work together toward a common goal. It’s mentorship. It’s building a pipeline of talent for students to get involved in STEM fields.  

And it’s a lot of fun. 

This past season, DTE sponsored 23 FIRST Robotics Competition, or high school teams, as well as 21 FIRST Tech Challenge, or middle school teams, across Michigan. Over 100 of our employees dedicated time toward volunteering or mentoring through FIRST.  

By doing this, we’re investing in the next generation of engineers, programmers, and business leaders. Not only does FIRST build tech skills, but it fosters leadership, teamwork and problem-solving skills in teens.  

Hear from students, mentors and coaches as they make their way through the FIRST season. Please take a minute to watch the brief introductory video, and when you have 11 minutes, get the full story by watching our mini-documentary.