When you buy a car, you try to get the most out of your investment, right? You maintain it, so it will last. At some point, before the car needs extensive repairs or breaks down, you replace it.

It’s the same with our natural gas infrastructure. We diligently monitor and maintain our delivery system and make repairs when needed. This is part of DTE Energy’s commitment to ensure your safety and the delivery of energy to your home and/or businesses every day.

Our current equipment has served customers well. Through regular inspections and maintenance, we’ve made that investment last for decades. Eventually, pipelines need to be replaced. That’s the purpose of our Gas Renewal Program – to upgrade mains and service lines, as well as replace gas meters with new, advanced devices.

This year, DTE continued to increase the pace of gas equipment upgrades throughout the state by installing:

  • 165 miles of new main pipeline
  • nearly 330 miles of service lines
  • 20,000 advanced meters

In the Grand Rapids area, another 72,000 meters were upgraded for customers in a separate program.

DTE also installed more than a mile of new main in Petoskey to accommodate the energy needs of a growing population in southern Emmet County.

Through DTE’s Community Expansion initiative, natural gas is now available to more than 1,100 potential customers by extending main in areas near Big Rapids, Traverse City, Petoskey and Grand Rapids.

Not only are the infrastructure investments beneficial to customers, but also to local economies. Overall, the effort employs more than 300 people – either directly by DTE or though Michigan-based companies – investing $60 million in contactors, engineers and restoration teams.