Working out of a truck has taken on a whole new meaning for DTE Gas Operations Supervisor Eric Curtis. Taking part in the mobile workstation program, which was established to enable supervisors to spend more time in the field, Eric has fully embraced utilizing his truck to connect with his team.

“Mostly, our job is to do the best we can to remove barriers out in the field,” Eric said. “In essence, working out of the truck helps us work with our crews and makes us more interactive with our customers.”

The impact of converting from a traditional office to a mobile one is already being seen.

 “A normal day before the program consisted of a lot of days that were filled with meetings and things that kept us out of the field,” Eric said. “But now with the hotspots and laptops in our trucks, it has allowed us to be more efficient, productive, and have a faster response time to customer concerns. We can answer questions and resolve issues right away.”

Beyond the surface benefits, there are some unexpected ones as well. “It allows you to learn more about your team, and their personalities. It allows us to have more personal relationships, as opposed to being just known as a supervisor, Eric said. “Working out of the truck means we can work more efficiently as a team, thus continuing to ensure the delivery of safe and reliable energy to our customers.”