Did you know the average American family does nearly 400 loads of laundry per year? That means there are plenty of used dryer sheets you can give a second life before throwing them in the trash. Honor Earth Day – and tackle spring cleaning – by practicing one of Earth Day’s three guiding principles, reuse!

After your clothes are clean and smelling of wildflower meadows, here are just a few ways you can clean your home with recycled dryer sheets.

  • Remove soap scum in the bathroom: It only takes a few drops of water on a used dryer sheet and soap scum build up on your shower doors, shower curtains, ceramic sinks, or tiles will swipe right off.
  • Cleaning electronics: Wiping off your electronics with used dryer sheets is helpful because it collects the existing dust and helps keep dust from resettling due to its antic-cling properties.
  • Make chrome shine: Whether it’s your car or your plumbing fixtures (like faucets or shower heads), dryer sheets help make the chrome shine and sparkle. Buff the chrome with a used sheet to remove any calcium deposits and restore the shine.
  • Dusting: Dryer sheets are great for dusting painted baseboards, crown molding, blinds, and cabinets. It can also help clean up pet hair from floors, furniture, toys, and more, while also repelling future dust and dander from settling.
  • Crayon remover: Did someone get a little too excited while coloring? Clean crayon marks off of walls or floors by rubbing the area lightly with a dryer sheet.
  • Clean bugs off your car: With a wet a dryer sheet, remove bugs from your windshield and front grill. It’s tough enough to scrub the bugs away but not abrasive enough to damage the finish.

For more ways to go green and save time, money, and resources, check out the “Your Power” tab on Empowering Michigan. And don’t forget, Earth Day is on Sunday, April 22!