There’s nothing like spring in Michigan. The days are sunny, the mercury is rising and conditions are prime for getting outdoors and taking in the beauty of our great state. For many Michiganders, this calls for one thing – gearing up and hopping on a bike to enjoy a ride.

Whether it be for exercise, as part of an organized group or just for leisure, biking is an excellent way to have fun, get active and connect with nature. As enjoyable as it may be, it’s still important to keep safety first with these tips:

  • Always wear a helmet, no matter the age.
  • Dress in bright colors during the day, or reflective clothing at night, to make yourself visible by others.
  • Make sure that your bike is the right size. Not sure if it’s right? Stand over your bike’s top bar with your feet flat. Ideally, there should be one to two inches between you and the bar if it’s a road bike or three to four inches if you’re riding a mountain bike.    

With May being National Bike Month, there’s no better time to get out there and partake in the biking activities our state has to offer. Here are a few ideas: