Many people look forward to spending time with friends and family during the holidays. Family dinners, game nights with friends, tree trimming parties and holiday movie marathons are a few of the traditions that spruce up social calendars between Thanksgiving and the New Year.

Maybe you’re a big family adding to existing traditions, or new parents looking to build new ones. Perhaps you’re newlyweds out to create new memories or a group of close friends who just want to bond. Whatever the case, we’ve got you covered with ideas will up your anticipation for the holidays:  

  • Choose a new ornament that represents a special memory made during the year or simply brings your loved ones to mind.
  • Volunteering is a holiday tradition that never goes out of style. Grab some friends, choose a cause and go make an impact.
  • Take holiday pictures that can chronicle the growth and evolution of your family or friend group over time. Make it even more fun by wearing coordinated outfits, including cozy pajamas!
  • Swap your favorite book with a loved one who has great taste in literature. The bonus? You’ll get a good read out of the deal, too.   
  • The holidays come alive with light shows across the state! Grab the kids (young and old) and take in the beauty during one of these Michigan light displays.
  • Think you’re the best baker or cook in your family? Have an annual cook-off to see who makes the best chocolate chip cookies or chili in the family.
  • Learn about the holiday traditions of a different culture, or grow knowledge of your own. Make it fun by trying out a culturally related recipe or learning how to wish others “Happy Holidays!”