Ghouls, goblins and ghosts…oh my!

Trick-or-treating is the activity kids look forward to enjoying most on Halloween. Nothing can compare to a trip around the neighborhood in their “Halloween best”, collecting stockpiles of candies and goodies from houses receiving kids and their families and friends. Make sure to pack these safety tips before your trick-or-treat travels for a frighteningly good time:

  • Make sure your child can be seen. We know that you want your child to be the cutest trick-or-treater of them all, but, as the night goes on, it can be difficult to see them in the dark. Remember to apply reflective tape to their costume and treat bags so they are visible to oncoming cars and traffic. Even take a flashlight to light your way once it gets dark.
  • …And make sure they can see. Masks can block your child’s vision, so consider choosing a costume with non-toxic makeup or fun props like a snug-fitting hat or a plastic wand or sword.
  • Don’t send them out on their own. Children under the age of 12 should not trick-or-treat alone – besides, we know you enjoy trick-or-treating, even as an adult! Kids should walk in groups to homes with the porch light on, never entering a home to get a treat.
  • Reinforce the “look, then cross” rule. Walk, don’t run, with your child across the street (in the crosswalk, when possible). Look both ways two to three times before crossing the street.
  • No one wants to get hurt on Halloween. We don’t want to rain on your princess, good witch or superhero’s costume, but, to avoid trips and falls, don’t let their costume drag the ground.

Happy Halloween!

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