‘Tis the season to dawn our homes with holiday decorations. During Halloween, you may be tempted to go all out and make your home the spookiest on the block, but beware of the added energy costs that may bring. Here are a few tips on energy-efficient Halloween decorations to keep your home festive but bank account unscathed.

  • Spooky solar lighting: Lining your home’s walkway with solar lighting will not only save you money by not impacting your monthly energy bill, but they also create a safe, inviting path for trick-or-treaters to follow when visiting your home for candy!
  • Powered-down pumpkins: Go old school and throw some tea-light candles into your carved pumpkins instead of lights. Don’t forget to recycle after!
  • Keep the door closed: In Michigan, Halloween is notoriously cold. Keep your door closed to trap in the heat and avoid waste. You may think this will deter trick-or-treaters from visiting, but your solar lighting path and an inviting sign, should give the “We’re home!” vibe.
  • Set up timers: Halloween decorations are not only up for the night of, but typically well in advance of the holiday to get in the spooky mood. Make sure to power your decorations down before going to bed or put everything on a timer so you won’t worry about forgetting.
  • Turn the heat down during a party: If you’re hosting a party this Halloween, turn the heat down before your guests arrive. Homes naturally heat up with more people inside and this way people won’t complain of being too hot.

These are just a few ways you can stay festive without breaking the bank this Halloween. Also, if you’re taking your child out trick-or-treating this year, check out this blog to make it a safe, fun Halloween for everyone!

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