As we make our way into the cooler months, fishing around the state begins to ramp up. It’s no secret that fish like cooler water temperatures and many start to spawn in the fall, meaning they reside in shallower, more exposed parts of lakes and rivers. Take full advantage of this season with this fall fishing guide. Listed below are a few common types of fish you will find full of activity this fall.

  • Salmon: There are four types of salmon you should keep an eye out for during spawning season: Chinook, Coho, pink, and Atlantic. These are typically found in the northern parts of the Lower Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula.
  • Steelhead: This species of fish will start to make a more public debut in late fall, especially when the rains start to pick up. Similar to salmon, steelheads move toward the rivers in the fall making it easier for fishing.
  • Whitefish: Arriving late fall in shallower waters, whitefish are a prized catch for eating. Their papery mouths make them difficult to keep on the hook, but if you’ve got the gear and the skill you might be in for some success.
  • Menominee: Similar to the whitefish, Menominee spend most of the year in deeper waters but venture to shallow waters in October and November. Also very tasty, these fish are great for eating. Found in all Great Lakes expect Lake Erie, anglers may have luck catching Menominee while spawning in rivers.
  • Northern Pike: Pike fishing picks up as the water temperatures cool. Because pike have sharp teeth, many anglers use special bait and tools, like wire leaders, that will keep them from cutting through your wire.

Knowing the species of fish that are prominent at this point in the year is only step one. It’s also important to stay up-to-date on where these types of fish are found and where anglers are having the best luck this season before you venture out. Lastly, keep in mind it’s called fishing, not catching (don’t get discouraged!)

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