The Greening of Detroit inspires sustainable growth of a healthy urban community through trees, green spaces, healthy living, education, training and job opportunities. The DTE Energy Foundation supports the organization’s mission to provide a greener tomorrow for Detroit and invested in its workforce programs. It provided summer jobs to 20 Detroit youth in 2017 and supported a workforce development program at Greening of Detroit in which 160 under-employed Detroiters are now learning green services trades including urban agriculture and forestry through the Detroit Conservation Corps program.

Additionally, the initial support was leveraged with other corporate groups to raise $1.1 million. Over the next five years, Greening of Detroit plans to train more than 2,400 Detroiters, including displaced workers and the structurally unemployed. This program provides Detroit’s low-income teens an apprentice-based landscape training that is combined with comprehensive supportive services to promote their success. In addition to securing critical jobs, the program also helps to maintain community tree planting sites, urban farms, opens and reforestation projects in neighborhoods citywide. ($40,000)