What could you do if you woke up 15-minutes earlier each day? For Ron Romeyn, he chose to help an organization in need.

“If you see a need, act on it,” said Ron Romeyn, distribution technician for DTE Energy. “Even if it seems like no big deal, you can’t measure the difference it makes in other peoples’ lives.”

Founded four years ago, Grace’s Table is an organization that provides a healthy, stable and safe place for 13 to 24-year old mothers in the Grand Rapids area. They provide basic needs like meals, diapers and hygiene products, while also offering more hands-on support including life skills courses, mentorship and professional counseling.

“I got involved with Grace’s Table by accident,” Ron said. “I was in the area going to a local steel supplier, and I zoomed in on Google Maps and came across Grace’s Table. I did a little research, the organization’s mission hit home. I was amazed by the support they offer, and knew I wanted to be involved.”

“Ron reached out to me to learn more about us,” said Lisa Anderson, founder of Grace’s Table. “He said ‘I can connect you with the company I work for (DTE) and see how we can support Grace’s Table and anything I can do in the meantime just let me know’.”

Neither of them knew the impact their future partnership would have on each other.

“I told him we could really use some help keeping our driveway and walkways clean for the safety of our families and 15 minutes later he sent me a picture with everything shoveled and salted,” Lisa said. “We let him know of a need and he took ownership of it with pride.”

Ron’s support didn’t stop there. He reached out to Gerry Anderson, DTE CEO, and Lynette Dowler, DTE Foundation president, to see how the company could help. His union was able to make a financial donation and he’s getting his wife and daughter involved too. He even purchased Mother’s Day shirts for all the mothers at Grace’s Table to make sure they felt special and appreciated.

“I was a teenage father and married my wife at the time but know there are so many women that don’t have that support,” Ron said. “I want to help fix that.”

Grace’s Table is currently expanding their services with their new campaign, “Space for Grace”, offering temporary residential housing for mothers in need. Ron plans to stay involved and help any way he can.

“We have been incredibly blessed just because he happened to look up where his pickup was on Google Maps,” Lisa said. “What a crazy, fortunate, turn of events.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Grace’s Table, visit their website.