St. Patrick’s Day has arrived, giving people around the world a chance to celebrate the beloved Irish holiday with green food, green drinks and…green lifestyles!

While St. Patrick’s Day might not bring immediate thoughts of energy and environmental conservation, it’s a perfect time to be aware of a few DTE Energy programs that will help you ‘go green’ at home. Check out these three programs to reduce your carbon footprint, bit by bit, in honor of everyone’s favorite ‘green’ holiday.

Appliance Recycling Program

Want a great way to save some green in your wallet? Look no further than the DTE Energy Appliance Recycling Program. If you have an old, clunky refrigerator or freezer that you’re looking to get rid of, DTE will haul it away for recycling at no charge. In fact, DTE will send you a $50 check in the mail with an additional $20 bonus if you include an air conditioner or dehumidifier unit in the pickup. In addition, by getting rid of that energy guzzler, program participants will start saving upwards of $150 a year on their energy bill.

MIGreenPower Program

Launched in April 2017, MIGreenPower provides interested customers with an easy and affordable way to reduce their carbon footprint by increasing the percentage of their energy usage that is attributed to DTE’s newest renewable projects. Business owners and residential customers alike can opt into the program to support local wind and solar farms – two of the most affordable clean energy sources available. By subscribing to MIGreenPower, customers can elect to increase the amount of renewable energy they use in 5 percent increments, up to 100 percent, with only slight increases to their monthly bills. Check out our story on an Ann Arbor small business that opted into the program in 2017!

Tree planting

Sometimes, DTE Energy needs to cut trees in neighborhoods that pose risks to powerlines or other utilities. Realizing this impact, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, DTE Energy Foundation and ReLeaf Michigan announced the award of $70,110 to 29 organizations in Michigan to plant 750 trees along community streets, in parks and other public spaces in 2017. It doesn’t stop with us, though! You can plant trees at home, giving ample shade and beauty to your property while providing a potential home for local wildlife. The Right Tree, Right Place guide and the list of Trees Suitable for Planting in Southeast Michigan are great resources in helping you to know what and where to plant.

These are just a few ways you can partner with DTE Energy to lessen your carbon footprint and help create a sustainable future. Check out our other ‘Your Power’ blogs for more!

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