It’s the season of ghosts, gargoyles, goblins and gobstoppers, but creepy monsters and cavities aren’t the only things you should be worried about. Autumn winds and longer nights help cover up the real monsters: downed wires.

A downed wire is a power line that has fallen due to severe weather or other unique incidents. These power lines distribute the electricity that powers our lives, but when they fall, those downed wires become an immediate risk to you and your family’s safety.

Luckily! DTE is committed to making sure you’re more prepared than a teenager in an 80s slasher film. If you happen to encounter a downed wire, follow these safety guidelines to make sure you keep the scares on the screen and your peace of mind in real life.

Look up to know what’s down

Like trying to spot a ghost, seeing downed wires isn’t always easy. One of the best ways to tell if you may have a downed wire in your area is to look up at nearby power lines and see if anything looks missing. Be cautious as wires can be easily hidden by trees or fallen leaves.

Always stay at least 20 feet away

If you saw a mummy coming near you, your first reaction would be to go the opposite way. The same thinking should be applied to downed wires. All lines should be considered energized and treated with extreme caution. Never touch, try to move or come in contact with anything a downed wire is touching. Stay at least 20 feet away and if possible, warn others in your area.

Call it in

This isn’t a scary movie. Your phone will work. Call DTE at 800.477.4747 or contact 911 to report a downed wire. By notifying us of downed wires or other safety hazards, that allows our crews to respond quickly to assure your safety and continue on to other public safety concerns.

So, as you setup your annual Halloween decorations or your children get ready to go trick or treating, it’s not Frankenstein or Dracula you should be worried about. Keep an eye out for downed wires and enjoy your Halloween fun!

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